My Life as a Dog

Saturday, July 17, 2010

110 in the Shade

Last weekend my friend Spencer got me a ticket to see 110 in the Shade at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. I had heard that there were some famous people that were going to be in the show: Will Swenson and Audra McDonald. I knew who Will was because I saw The Singles Ward in which he was the main character. I had heard that he had gone on to Broadway and was in the production of Hair there. I also had heard that he won a Tony for his performance in Hair. But really I knew nothing about Audra McDonald.

I went into the show without a lot of expectations even though I had friends raving about it on Facebook. I just want to say that I was blown away but in particular I was blown away with Audra. I'm going to say there were even parts where I got kind of emotional. Not sure that I've ever been emotional in a local stage production. In any case, I am now a fan!

Spencer's friend Kevin was also a main character in the show and he was nice enough to navigate me to get some photos and autographs. Thanks Kevin!

Josh, Audra, and Brian

Will and Brian