My Life as a Dog

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Let There Be Light

Ever since I moved into my town home I have not been really excited about the light fixture that I had in there. It was a fluorescent cloud-like fixture. I rarely used it but when I did it was because I was cooking or baking. And even then I didn't like that the light was so ambient that I didn't have light for specific tasks.

I had toyed with replacing it for years but kept on thinking that the one I had was sufficient and that I was too lazy to change it anyway. Then a few weeks ago I was at a Habitat Restore store with my friend Ryan. He has a real fixer-upper home and was finding some needed supplies there. I happened to see one of the staff bringing out the fixture shown above. I had looked at the exact same one at IKEA. The price on this fixture was $10. I love a bargain and knew that it sells at IKEA for $50 so I bought it thinking that even if I never used it that it still only cost $10! That was a few weeks ago and this weekend I finally got around to removing my old fluorescent light, installing a ceiling box, and installing the new fixture. I think it looks great and I love the targeted light that it gives off.