My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camera's Have a Life Expectancy, Go Figure!

Apparently cars are not the only items with a life expectancy. I had not really thought about this until I was reading about it on Digital Photography School. For cameras it's called actuations (or shutter count). Now it's making me wonder if I should turn off my setting for continuous shooting so that my camera has a longer life. Maybe I will want a new camera by the time I reach 100,000 frames.

Monday, April 19, 2010

On the Borders

Tonight for FHE (Family Home Evening) our singles group decided to go out to eat. We stuffed ourselves at Tucanos, eating lots of meat as well as other items. When finished someone suggested that we go for a walk. There were some cool lights in the Riverwoods that I thought I'd get some photos of. But really the fun part came when we went to Borders and decided to take some goofy photos. Here they are. Everyone was a good sport about it. Somehow I failed to get any of Rosa! :(

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Let There Be Light

Ever since I moved into my town home I have not been really excited about the light fixture that I had in there. It was a fluorescent cloud-like fixture. I rarely used it but when I did it was because I was cooking or baking. And even then I didn't like that the light was so ambient that I didn't have light for specific tasks.

I had toyed with replacing it for years but kept on thinking that the one I had was sufficient and that I was too lazy to change it anyway. Then a few weeks ago I was at a Habitat Restore store with my friend Ryan. He has a real fixer-upper home and was finding some needed supplies there. I happened to see one of the staff bringing out the fixture shown above. I had looked at the exact same one at IKEA. The price on this fixture was $10. I love a bargain and knew that it sells at IKEA for $50 so I bought it thinking that even if I never used it that it still only cost $10! That was a few weeks ago and this weekend I finally got around to removing my old fluorescent light, installing a ceiling box, and installing the new fixture. I think it looks great and I love the targeted light that it gives off.


For weeks now as I have driven to work I have noticed this white horse with the sunrise light back lighting it. I have thought I really need to stop and take photos but as per normal I am usually running late for work. This last Thursday I was about half an hour early on my way to work so I decided to stop and take advantage of the photo op. Here are some of my favorites.