My Life as a Dog

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Change: Of Course It's Possible!

I've had several conversations with people that end with them making the statement: "Well that's just the way I am!" I think really it would be appropriate to say "That's just the way that is easiest for me." It's true that real change is not easy and can take a long time but I do believe that change is possible. I love the following quote from The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck because it makes it so obvious that change is not only possible but that every does it.

"The tendency to avoid challenge is so omnipresent in human beings that it can properly be considered a characteristic of human nature. But calling it natural does not mean it is essential or beneficial or unchangeable behavior. It is also natural to defecate in our pants and never brush our teeth. Yet we teach ourselves to do the unnatural until the unnatural becomes itself second nature. In deed, all self-discipline might be defined as teaching ourselves to do the unnatural. Another characteristic of human nature - perhaps the one that makes us most human - is our capacity to do the unnatural, to transcend and hence transform our own nature."