My Life as a Dog

Monday, January 04, 2010

Me & Dad

Rather than attacking the whole trip to Europe in my blog, I thought I would write about specifics that were funny or cool or educational, etc... (This way I'm more apt to write about it instead of putting it off indefinitely.)

It was Thanksgiving Day, November 26th 2009, when my sister-in-law drove my brother and I to the SLC airport to begin our two week trip to Europe. It was definitely a new adventure for myself having never been too far from the USA. Yes, I had been to Canada a few times and Mexico a few more times than that. But never so far away from home. With the international travel and booking our tickets online there was some concern about my seating assignments on our flight from London to Rome. So while we were checking in our baggage, my brother was asking about my seating assignment on that flight. The lady at the baggage check tried to assist us but found out that we would just have to deal with that when we arrived in London. As we were leaving, she told me, "Have a good trip with your dad." Ha ha! I have been rubbing that in ever since to Ben. He does not look old enough to be my dad. There are only six years difference in our ages! I actually think she thought he was my dad because he was being very concerned about my seat assignment and I appreciated that even if I do tease him.