My Life as a Dog

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Windy Pass Hike

On Thursday after racquetball my brother casually asked me if I would like to do a hike on Saturday with him. I thought, "Great. This would provide some quality brother-to-brother time." He explained all the details which went in one ear and out the other. All I heard was "wah wah wah wah." (Charlie Brown reference) Somehow I figured the hike should be about 4 hours. Seems like a good amount of time for a hike, right?

So Saturday came and I threw a few granola bars and some string cheese in a pack, filled my water bottles, and grabbed my inhaler. I was ready to go, right?

Ben, Dallas, and I started the hike up South Fork canyon at Big Springs. We were too far along the track until Ben spotted a beaver dam. We got off the trail and examined it, taking a few photos. On the way back I stepped in a big marshy mess of a bog and went in up to my ankle! Good way to start the hike. Fortunately not much water actually worked it's way into my shoe or that would have been hell for the rest of the hike.

The trail up to the summit was pretty step most of the way it seemed. I had a hard time realizing how steep it was until I looked back at the path we had already covered.

Now I forgot to mention that I had been sick all week. Not sick like I would stay in bed kind of sick. But I had had the sore throat, then coughing and on Saturday my nose was a running through most of the hike. So we were approaching the top and I was completely sweaty, my nose was running, and my head was pounding. The is all happening when we are about to summit "Windy Pass." So you might figure out what happens next: yep, wind. The wind was freezing. I had enjoyed the sun being behind the clouds for most of the hike but now I was starting to freeze. Just when I thought I was as miserable as I was going to get, it started to rain and thunder. Nice! So we hunkered down under pine tree just like you are supposed to when there is lightening. (sarcasm intended) Fortunately the storm passed fairly quickly and we were able to summit. The view was beautiful but I was still miserable and just wanted to find the quickest way down. Plus it had taken us 4 hours just to summit. I knew going down the way we came was going to be hell. So we opted to have my sister-in-law come and pick us up by Rock Canyon Campground. So we followed one of the man made troughs across to the other side of the canyon and picked up the trail going down. It was long. Too long but I think still a better option than going back the way we came. It took us about two hour from the summit to get to the campground and another hour or so walking on the road until we found my sister-in-law. Yay! She even brought us each a big 32 oz. Diet Coke a piece. I was in heaven! We were supposed to hike Timpanogos the next Saturday. Yeah, that's not going to happen! :)