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Monday, September 07, 2009

I Want My Man Card!

On Sunday I visited some friend in Salt Lake City. When I left and went to my card I noticed that one of my tires was flat. Suddenly I remembered my car sounding funny when I was drive up there. But I had had my headphones in because I was talking to my mom on the phone. When I hung up I just switched over to listening to my iPod. I probably drove most of the way with this flat tire. So when I got to my car I thought well I might as well just drive to a gas station and so I did. I tried pumping the tire up with the hopes that I could still drive on it. Not so much. There were bulges all over! I decided that I was going to have to put on the little donut tire.

Now I have had flat tires before but never have I had to change one on my own. I was actually looking forward to the challenge (at least a little bit.) I called my sister to let her know that I was going to be a little late. I was going to stop by and drop off her computer which I had been working on. She volunteered to come and help and before I knew it I accepted her offer. When I got off the phone I got the jack and lug wrench out and started working on replacing it. I got to thinking, "Why do I need my older sister to come rescue me?! I'm a man. I can totally handle this!" I called her back and told her not to come that I was totally fine.

So I got back to work. Got the car all jacked up. Got the lug nuts off. But then I could not get the tire to actually come off the axle. I panicked and called one of my friends that I had just seen. (I definitely couldn't call my sister back!) He was already on his way home to north SLC. I told him that I couldn't get the stupid wheel off. He said he'd turn around and come back to help. I felt bad but he insisted. In the meantime I kept bugging the nice Indian family running the Sinclair I was at. I thought there must be something that I missing about changing a tire. He came out a took a look at the tire and then gave it a good kick. Oh! That did the trick! That was the step I was unfamiliar with. After that it was smooth sailing. I got the old tire in the trunk and the new one installed and inflated. I called my friend back and tried to insist that I was fine and to go ahead and go home. But he is stubborn and I just gave up. I went in and got cleaned up in the restroom. I felt so bad about bothering the family running the store that I needed to buy a Diet Dr Pepper even though it was Sunday. (flat tire = ox in the mire) When I came out my friend was waiting for me. Once again I tried to tell him I was fine but he insisted on following me to my sister's house. It's nice to have such a good friend.

So now there are no doubts, I can change a flat tire all by myself minus the swift kick. But I'm pretty sure I can do that next time. :)


The Brannon Family said...

I am thinking that since you had to have help with the kick, you only have a man card training permit!

J/K... APPROVED! expires 8/11. You officially have 2 mores years to change a tire all by yourself (including the kick). If you do so, you will become a lifetime member.

Unknown said...

Yay, Kim! :)

Juli said...

Just gets me to thinking... how does one acquire a woman card? Do I even want to know?

Unknown said...

@Juli - Good point on the woman card. Did not know they exist. For some reason men have to prove it or at least feel the need to prove it. Women are probably much more advanced that way. :)

Tropicanna said...

Excellent work! I've had several blow outs on the freeway and being a girl has its perks. Each time a nice person has stopped to help me. This is particularly convenient because those tire shops put the lug nuts on so tight that I can stand on the tire iron with my full weight and jump up and down without getting them to budge. I do agree that kicking the tire, a perhaps a few curse words, also seems to help. Next time I get a flat I'm calling you to come help me!