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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Thank You" is Not Hard

It's pet peeve time. Brace yourself.

This morning I ran to the post office to pick up a package that needed my signature to be delivered. Of course I got to spend more time in line that I really wanted to but it should have been expected. While waiting, I like to people watch. There was a guy in line behind me. When he first got in line he interrupted the teller helping the current customer to ask a few questions so that he could start filling out the right packaging. I thought that a bit rude but whatever. He was a youngish guy. I noticed that he was mailing applications or some sort of form off to various universities. As the line moved forward he left his wallet and keys back where he first entered the line. Soon another lady came in after him. She said "Excuse me, are these yours?" His reply was "Yeah, I'm going to need those." He was friendly enough about it I guess. I just thought, would it be that hard to say "Thank you." Maybe it was because he already annoyed me by interrupting the current customer. In any case, I think "thank you" is always appropriate and should even be necessary.

I love to hold the door for people at stores. Doesn't matter man or woman, old or young. But then I like to observe who says "thank you." Try it out. You might be surprised at who remembers to say thanks. I always am.


Lindsay said...

Thank you B. This is a good reminder that common courtesy is always in good regulation.

Juli said...

I've been noticing this same thing over the past five years. I get a 'thank you' probably half the time I hold the door or help someone, etc. What's going on in today's world that even basic manners have gone out the window?

Kiwimommy said...

Thank you! I agree.

p.s. LOVE the accompanying graphic. I might have to pinch it.

Anonymous said...

People don't say thank you when you hold the door for them? Wow. (Those must be some very important, busy people!)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments. :)

@Kiwi - I pinched it myself! ;)

@imaginary - Never should be too important or busy to be polite.