My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fun Friday with a Friend

Last week, my friend, John, was in town and the only day he was available to hang out was last Friday. So I took the day off work. Oh we had grand plans of the things we were going to squeeze into just one day. As it turned out we only accomplished 2 out of 5 activities. Who were we kidding?! It did turn out to be a fun day though.

Activity 1: I picked him up at the BYU Wilkinson Center where he was donating donating blood while on vacation. What dedication! And even though they told him no exercise, we then decided to hike Stewart Falls. :) It has been years since I did it last. I have had friends that have tried to get me to go several times over the last year and it always look as if it's about to rain so I back out. Well there was no rain this time!

Activity 2: After the hike, we went to eat at one of my favorite places to eat: Thai Drift! I had been telling John how great the massaman curry is there. Since he lives in Los Angeles, I was worried that my version of great Thai food might not match his. But I was pleased when he reported that 2 out of the 3 dishes we had, were very good. Yeah, Thai Drift!