My Life as a Dog

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My New BFF, L

Yesterday I got to work I went to remove my phone from my shorts pocket and set it on my desk. (That's the routine.) Ughhh! I had left it at home. I hate it when that happens. I'm afraid that I might miss a call or text. I updated my Facebook status to reflect my current panic. I got several comments on it and one of them was from a friend who asked if she should text me so that I would have a missed message. I replied jokingly and said "Would you? That would be so nice. :)" Sure enough when I rushed home to get my phone, there was her text. That made me happy. Especially since it was the only thing that I missed. But the funniest part came later that evening when I started getting text messages from her 10 year old daughter. I had to share our conversations.

L: Hey B it's L are you going to baby sit us I July and jo to that would be awsome if you did

Me: Hi L. This is actually B's uncle, Brian. :)

L: Oh sorry brian kind looks like her name. Sorry

Me: Yep. No problem.

L: Ok have I ever met you?you used to work at Novell so I have might have never met. You before my name is L. A. G. (actually had her full name here) I have no idea why I just said that but I'm in 4th grade going on to 5th I'm 10 I'm borde so I dicided to tell you about me I have brownish bloundish hair green eyes so yea

Me: Does your mom know you are texting strangers? :) I migh have met you at Lake Powell a few years ago.

L: yes she does know I'm talking. To you and yes I did met you at lake Powell this is L

Me: Ok good to know! :)

L: :)