My Life as a Dog

Monday, May 04, 2009

A Funny Conversation

Last Saturday I received a call from my Dad while he was at Costco. This is how the conversation basically went:

Dad: Brian, it's your Dad. Do you think Mom would like an iPod for her birthday?

Me: No. If she does, I have one that I can give her.

Dad: How about a GPS?

Me: Dad you guys don't really go anywhere. Why are you asking me what she wants?

Dad: Well, you talk to her.

Me: You talk to her more.

Dad: Not really.

Me: Well, maybe that should be you're gift than.

Dad: How about a big TV? LCD or plasma? Samsung's a good one, right?

Me: Gee Dad, I don't know I haven't really been researching it.

Dad: I should have just brought you with me to Costco.

Me: Dad I'm in Salt Lake City.

Dad: Are you going to a concert or something?

Me: No. I'm going to a friend's house.

Dad: Oh.

When I showed up the next day to help celebrate my mom's birthday, sure enough there was the 46" Samsung TV. Glad I could help. :)


Juli said...

hehehe... that is so dad-ish. I love that it's an electronic item, even more, a tv. Several years ago my mom started providing my dad with lists so that she got what she wanted instead of what he "found".

The Brannon Family said...

I agree with Juli... so dad-ish!! But oh do they try! One year for Christmas, my mom wanted a nice pitcher. My dad ended up getting her a cheap one from Pic-n-save that had orange slices on it. It became the family joke for years!

I would rather have the TV!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to give Dean a link for him to order the snap press (sewing tool) I want for Mother's Day. I guess I'd better get on that.

Too bad he couldn't have given her the gift of talk, but that's expensive. :)