My Life as a Dog

Saturday, May 23, 2009

FHE Goes Bridal

For FHE this week the group went up Provo Canyon. The plan was just to enjoy being outside in the great weather. We were going to walk from Nunn's Park up to the base of Bridal Falls and back down. But once we got to the falls, we felt the need to hike. We weren't exactly prepared for that one. As you can see some of the girls were in skirts! It was fun anyways! We took a few photos, including an "engagement" photo for Jaree and me to help rumors in the ward. :) [And even though it looks like the outfits were coordinated, they were not!]

After the hike we came back to my house and had ice cream and cookies. (Left over from the b-day festivities.) And Jaree and Anna whipped up some Fillipino cuisine and spaghetti. (Someone was hungry, Jaree!)