My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Credit Card Commerical - Pet Peeve

Last night I was at the gym and they have these new LCD TV hooked up to the cardio machines. I was listening to my iPod but watching the TV. It helps distract me from what I'm really there to do. Anyway, a commercial came on and it reminded me of a pet peeve that I have with credit card commercials. This commercial reinforced that annoyance because they show the same scene over and over. Notice in the photo above how the card is right-side up? And are they running it through a magnetic card reader? And isn't the magnetic strip always on the top of the back of the card?! So really all the people swiping their cards like this are idiots or the credit card companies are idiots for not thinking that we wouldn't get the point of the commercial if the card were upside down. Anyone else bothered by this? :)