My Life as a Dog

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Me Unplugged

Twice this week I have lost power for extended time. On Sunday the power was out from around 9:30pm to after midnight. And then Wednesday morning the power went off very early in the morning and didn't come on until I was at work.

Normally it seems that when I loose power at my house it doesn't take too long for it to come back on. Last Sunday when it went out, I was in the middle of rearranging my furniture and cleaning since I was hosting FHE the next evening. I carefully felt my way around the furniture in their unusual locations until I got to the kitchen and found my emergency flashlight. I then lit candles through out the first floor. It was almost like I had regular lighting. But what I didn't have was TV, computer, music, etc. So I had to find a way to entertain myself until the power returned. I started reading a neglected stack of magazines. That didn't last long. Soon I turned to my new iPhone and started playing a little Sudoku and texting a friend who was also lacking power. But when the power on my phone started to get low, I decided that I better save some juice in case it might have to be my alarm clock for Monday morning. Eventually I decided the power was not coming back on anytime soon and went to bed with a headlamp and a book. It was a quiet evening until I was awoken just past midnight from the noise of my television downstairs.

During all this quiet time, it just made me realize just how noisy my daily life is. When I'm at home my TV is generally running or there is music playing. And when I'm at work, it's a rare occasion that iTunes is not busy. It made me think that maybe I shouldn't be so disturbed by the quiet and that I should spend more time without all the distractions. Since that thought the power is back and so is the noise. But maybe I'll turn off radio when I drive. Maybe. And even if I don't at least I'm going to be more grateful for electricity.