My Life as a Dog

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Want My Fritos®, and They Better Be Fresh!

Today for lunch my friend and coworker, Jason, wanted to head down to Barnes and Noble in Orem from our offices in Pleasant Grove. Since we were making the "big drive" to south Orem, we decided to eat at Sensuous Sandwiches, an old favorite of ours. We got there and they were doing some hopping business. We placed our orders: me an eight inch Tantalizer with everything and Jason a eight inch Stimulator. We then got our drink and found a seat with none other than our friend and former coworker Robert D. We sat and chatted a while until our names were called. We both then went and stood in line while they were ringing up one lady in front of us that was picking up a group order. Meanwhile they kept on calling out names of customers who's sandwiches were ready. They were getting quite the stack. Then we realized that the woman in front of us was checking the date on each of the bags of chips. She asked the girl at the register, "Don't you have any newer Fritos?" Jason and I just had to laugh. Are Fritos really ever fresh? And even if they are not fresh, don't you think the shelf-life is much longer than a sandwich stop could hold onto them? So next time you get your Fritos, make sure they are fresh!