My Life as a Dog

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This week started out rough for me. I was feeling down on Monday and future wasn't looking so bright for me. It wasn't really something that I could explain if you asked me to.

Fortunately through a series of events, I was able to snap out of it. Several of those events involved good friends both old and new. And as I was awakening from my depression, I was at work playing some music. First, let me tell you that I am not a "lyrics" guy. Normally I hear a song and rarely do I remember or even notice the lyrics. I was listening to a song I have heard dozens of times if not more. But this time I was hearing the lyrics and they were speak to me about me. The song entitled Try is by Lisa Loeb and here are the lyrics:
What’s the difference between you and me?
To me it’s kind of small, to you it’s like a prison.
What’s the difference between you and me
To me it almost happens, to you it almost isn’t.
How did you become so sure?
Your girlfriend never smiles, no one ever calls.
You begin to wonder if they were your friends at all.
You frown, you take a look around.
You shout, this’ll never get better.
But the doubt that you grow in your field is sprouting
turning your field into into a deeper valley.
You’d find
the mountains aren’t so high
if you’d only try
to do better
9:33 in the traffic at the stoplight
somebody hits you, nothing ever goes right
in the gridlock, nothing ever goes right.
But it’s just a little scratch, not a permanent scar.
Just a tiny dent, you don’t need a new car.
Just a little mess, your dreams aren’t shattered.
You climb up while I hold the ladder.
You’d find
the mountains aren’t so high
How many times I’ve tried, how many times I’ve missed and I’ve tried.
How many times I’ve tried, how many times I’ve missed and I’ve tried.
When everything’s so difficult, I feel so low
I find a better view on the other side of the window.
So that’s the difference between you and me.
What it you believed that the grass could grow
up through the snow, it’s possible
You’d find
the mountains aren’t so high
if you’d only try
to do better than get by

If you want to listen to the song you can go to

I decided that I had been pretty negative about a lot of things and as a result had lost my hope. The thing is that I have plenty of positive in my live and that I should be focusing on that. So, I'm going to try to do better...


The Brannon Family said...

Just know that you are loved, oh so loved! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. If you ever need to get away, we always have a room, and a killer filet mignon, here in Elko! (How come no one ever takes me up on that? Elko's not so bad!)


Unknown said...

Hey Kim! Thanks. You are great. I'm thinking Elko might be better in the summer, no?

The Brannon Family said...

Truthfully, Elko isn't all that great to visit any time of the year. Other than the filet, there isn't much to do.

I am coming out to Utah in March to my mom's for a week or so. We definitely need to connect then... lunch or dinner or something! I would love it!

The Pixton Family said...

Oh Brian, just know that we all go through that at times. I wish I could give you a hug! I know what makes me smile- watching some Young Ones!

Jess said...

Love you Little B.

Unknown said...

Hey everybody, thanks for the love! I do have great friends and family. Lots to be grateful for!

Anonymous said...

Wow now I am feeling a little depressed. I know winter time makes life harder for me. I love the sunshine. I force myself to get out and catch some as often as I can.