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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Sweet Night of Guitar Hero

So back during my work Christmas party I got a gift certificate for a season family pass to Thankgiving Point. In case you haven't noticed, I don't have a family of my own. So I traded it to another guy who was going to buy a family pass anyway. In return I got a gift certificate to Sundance. That was much better for me. But then I realized that my brother buys a season pass to the cross-country track at Sundance. So he bought my gift certificate and in exchange I bought Guitar Hero. Perfect!

Anyway, my friend, Lindsay kept on asking when she was going to get to come play my new game. So I thought why not make a party of it. Then I remembered that she is on a sugar fast. No sugar for two weeks. Ughh! So being the super supportive friend that I am, :) I decided to make it a theme for the evening. So you could bring snacks as long as they were sugar free. I provided diet sodas, almonds, sugar-free pudding, sugar-free jello, sugar-free cool whip, and pretzels. Some other friends brought a great veggie tray and dip and dried mangoes. The mangoes had sugar but we pretended.

We had a great time rocking late into the evening. I just hoped my neighbors enjoyed it as much as me. :)

Those attending: Me, Lindsay, Anna, Molly, Colette, Mitch, Rob, and Eric. Thanks for coming!


Lindsay said...

I definitely appreciated the solidarity of the sugar free night. I loved getting a chance to check out the game. Once again you are the host with the most :)

Unknown said...

Oh and Lindsay thanks for bringing an extra control! It would have been lame without it. You Rock!

kate said...

Eric D. is my friend too. We used to exchange subtle rudeness' to each other at church each week. It looks like you have an awesome group of singles to hang out with. Live it up people!!!

Unknown said...

Kate, I noticed that he was also friends with you on FB. He is planning on abandoning the single life. Can you believe that?!

kate said...

Yeah, I know. I'm excited for him, and he's marrying someone who shares my name. All Kates have zing! His mom is ecstatic and I adore her. Plus, he's a good Egg. Besides, getting married is no worse than getting a paper cut and it turning gangrene.

Unknown said...

Kate, It's true. Every Kate I (including you) know has zing. Nice comparison marriage and gangrene. Tempts me slightly. :)