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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Favorite New Game

For years I have always looked much younger than I am. And for years I hated that. To date when people see my mission photos they say stuff like, "Did you go on a mission at 16 or what?" And while on the mission everyone always thought that I was the junior companion. When I got done with BYU I was so excited to grow a little facial hair and finally look a little older. It's true that people have largely misjudged my age for year. But I am now to the point that I'm really enjoying this.

A few weeks ago my friend invited me to double with him and his girlfriend, who was visiting from Idaho for the weekend and with her roommate. I had no idea how old the girls were and apparently the one I was "with" had no idea how old I was. During the evening I mentioned something about my age. Ryan's girlfriend looked at him like "I thought we weren't going to talk about this!" And she looked a little panicked. Ryan then informs us all that they didn't tell her how old I am. You see I am 40. Ryan is 36. His girlfriend is 28. And the roommate is 24! Before the ages were revealed though I played my favorite new game: Guess My Age. She guessed I was 33 tops.

Today I went to shop for a new car. After a little small talk with the salesman, he had determined that I might know the owner of the dealership because he went to Orem High School also. Once again I played my favorite new game: Guess My Age. The salesman thought I was 28! He did a double take when I informed him that I'm 40. But it was a good sales job. I wanted to buy the car right then and there. :)

So the moral is this: for all you young ones out there (I'm not sure there are any young ones reading this) don't worry when people think you are younger than you are. Because one day that is really going to work for you.


April said...

When I go into a store during school hours, workers always mention how I am skipping school. Ahaha!!!! I'm like..actually I am almost 38, so havent skipped school since the 80s. I have fun with it now.

Juli said...

This used to happen to me... used to. Having kids aged me and everyone pretty much gets my age right. Even worse, my Wii age puts me at 52.

Unknown said...

Juli, that one made me laugh out loud. I knew there was a reason I didn't want a Wii Fit!

Kim said...

Nice for you that you look so young. With my gray hair no one thinks I'm younger than I am. It looks like you are having lots of fun these days. Lucky you!

Rachel said...

Lucky guy. . .people have always thought I was older than I really was. I liked it when I was 13 and guys thought I was 16 or 17, but now. . . I don't want to look any older!

Unknown said...

Rachel, you've got to be kidding right? You look way too young to have 4 kids! Plus the confusion on my age might have something to do with how I act. :)