My Life as a Dog

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Evening with Adele & James Morrison

Several weeks ago a several friends and I decided that we wanted to go see Adele & James Morrison in concert. I created an event on Facebook right away and got everyone invited. And being the procrastinator that I am I never tried to go buy my ticket until the Saturday (Jan 17th) before the show. So I was shocked and saddened to find out that the show was sold out. Once again my procrastination had not paid off. When will I learn?! I sent out an e-mail to everyone I invited and told them that the show was sold out. And what I found was that most of the people were procrastinators also. Fortunately Lindsay, Lexi, Molly, and Mitch were smarter and picked up tickets early. I still had hope that I could find something on craigslist or When that didn't turn out, my new best friend, Mitch, said he'd let me have his ticket which was incredibly nice of him. But that is just how Mitch is. Plus he wasn't all the excited to go to being with. :) Still very nice of him.

So last night (Jan 23rd), I picked up Lindsay, Lexi, and Molly. We headed to Murray to see the show at the Murray Theater. On the way we stopped at Pei Wei to eat some dinner. It was great. We need one of the those in Utah County. After dinner we drove up the street to the show. The timing was just right for not missing the show. But unfortunately I was not familiar with the venue because we really should have been there much earlier. Just a few minutes after getting there James Morrison began the show but we were barely able to get in the doors of the auditorium. I could barely see him and I'm the tallest of our group. We did eventually find a better spot by going through the north doors. When we switched sides, Molly overheard that if you bought James' new CD you could meet him after the show and have him sign it. So I was all over that. We both bought CDs and when we thought he was about done, we headed over to where we could get backstage. While we were waiting Molly spotted none other than the David Archuleta coming down the stairs from the box seats. I tried to get a photo once it registered. Molly became a 12 year-old girl again, screaming "David, Hi." He turned and waved with his trademark grin. Made her night. Molly & I were the first of the group going backstage. I was already with my camera too. I wasn't sure they would allow photos but I wasn't going to ask either. After we met James and got our photos taken with him. The promoter was telling everyone that there wouldn't be group photos because there wasn't time. Good thing we were first.

We went back in the auditorium to watch Adele. This time we decided to try and work our way down to the 2nd level. After some work we got there and the view was much better. We just had to make sure people were not stepping on Molly's foot since she just recently broke her leg. Adele was amazing. Her voice is just as great in person and it was nice to see her personality. During one of her songs she forgot the lyrics and it was pretty obvious. Before the next song she apologized saying basically that she only has one album and that she should be able to remember the lyrics. It was cute. The show was great. Glad I got to go. Thanks again, Mitch!

There are some videos at the that bottom of the this entry that I took of a few performances. The video is not great but the sound is pretty good.