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Friday, January 16, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Over a month ago I was on Facebook (shocking, I know) and I noticed that one friend's status said that she had just got reservations for the LDS Draper Temple open house. I didn't even know that they were available yet. But I quickly checked out and before I knew it I had reserved 10 tickets for the first day of the open house. I thought this would be a great activity for the singles FHE group that I belong to. I created an event on Facebook and invited a bunch of singles to attend. I was surprised at how fast the reservations were taken up. So I went back out to and reserved a few more tickets just in case. In the end I had 14 reservations and we ended up using the initial 10 that I reserved. I don't think it really mattered because no one checked for tickets or the number in our party. In any case I thought it was a great turn out!

The tour starts at one of many churches in the Draper area. There you watch a very short video about temples and why they are important to us as members of the LDS church. After the video we boarded buses and were shuttled to the temple.

The inside of the temple (as well as the outside) is beautiful as you would expect. Things that seemed to strike me were the use of naturally stained wood and lots of it. The whole temple seems to have more a nature feel to me. The furnishing seemed to be quite modern compared to what I expected but at the same time the were very classic. It seemed quite small compared to some of the other local temples but then again I'm not sure how much of it we really saw. All in all, it is a very beautiful temple. I'll be interested in going back once the open house is over but that is not for another two months I believe.

I took a camera and meant to take photos but you cannot take photos inside the temple and the whole time you are outside the temple you are in a heated series of tents. The only chance for a photo of the temple would have been from the bus. Oh well, these photos from the church's website will have to suffice.

After the tour most of us went to Applebees for a late dinner or desert.

Waiting Room

Decor Detail

Art Glass with Sego Lily Motif

Ordinance Room

Ordinance Room

Celestial Room

Celetial Room Ceiling Detail

Bride's Dressing Room

Sealing Room

Art Glass Window

Side note: The art glass through out the temple was done by my good friend's (Gayle Terry Holdman) husband's (Tom Holdman) shop.

Those attending: Me, Jaree, Molly, Kristine, Melissa, Lindsay, Mitch, Anna, Heather, & Marianne.