My Life as a Dog

Monday, November 24, 2008

Words to Live By

Today I was blog stalking the wife of my brother's friend, rabidrunner. Today she quoted someone that spoke in her church meetings on the previous Sunday. Here is what the speaker said:
We define ourselves by our actions in dark times.

Very simple but yet very profound. I decided to incorporate it into my desktop wallpaper. And then felt the need to share it on my blog. I'm sure I (and probably you) have heard similar statements to this one, but for some reason this time I was quite inspired by it. I find the statment very true. It makes me then think how I am defining myself. So with this reminder on my computer screen I am hopeful to be reminded that my actions show my true character. Maybe this quote can help you too. Or maybe you've already got that mastered. If so, good job!


Kiwimommy said...

Thanks, Dog! I just set it as our wallpaper. Beautifully done.

Juli said...

I've lived this one... so true. It's good to be reminded where I came from and who I am because of it... and whatever happens in the future.