My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

St. George Singles Weekend

Last weekend I got to spend several days with a few other single friends in St. George. My friend, Lindsay, planned the whole thing. She's amazing. It was a little out of character for me to go but I decided that I should go and that it would really be fun. I was right. I had a great time. Fortunately Lindsay had access to a vacation home in which we stayed. It's a 3 bedroom house with several couches and air mattresses. There were 7 of us that stayed at the house: 4 girls and 3 guys. Plus another friend stayed near by and came over a break breakfast out and a hike. We did a little eating out. Okay, that was a lie. We did a lot of eating out: Famous Dave's, Bear Paw, and Ruby River. There was some hot-tubbing, lots or movies, some card playing, and lots of Arrested Development. We all went away anxious for the next trip. Good times!


April said...

That would be such a great time!! Wish we did fun things here for singles. Then again most of the singles here are way older then me..ah well!

Kiwimommy said...

It looks like you made a lot of fun memories! *growing green with envy*

The Pixton Family said...

I just found your blog. Looks like a fun weekend!

rychelle said...

stumbled across your blog at zina's.
sounds like a heavenly weekend - good food, good friends and arrested development!
win, win, win.

Unknown said...

It was a great weekend. I could use another already.

Rychelle, good to know how you found me. Zina always has good stuff.