My Life as a Dog

Friday, October 10, 2008

Well, That Was My Question!

Several years ago, my sister, Tammy, her husband, Fred, and their young daughter, Jess, were on a family vacation driving in the car. Tammy and Fred had been talking and mentioned Brian (me) and that he was single (still is.) Jess was quite surprised by this news and exclaimed, "What? He isn't married?!" A little shocked at Jess' question, Tammy told her that I was not married and asked, "Who did you think he was married to?" Jess replied, "Well, that was my question!"

Oh, the innocence of youth. I'm sure she just figured that all adults were married to someone. Sorry to burst that bubble!

The funny part is that Jess knew me very well. I had baby sat her several times at her house and she had slept over at my house a few times. We had gone on family camp outs and vacations, and to my knowledge my wife never showed up.