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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stucco - Before, During, & After

So I think I mentioned earlier that the some of the stucco on the front of my townhouse had some water damage issues. This summer the home owners association for the development that I live in issued an assessment to cover the stucco and roofing repairs. Here I've documented my photos of the damage, during the repair, and the finished product. Ram Builders is the company that did the work and to date I'm pleased with the results.





April said...

It looks really good. They knew what they were doing..always a good thing.

Kim said...

Nice condo. It was great seeing you at the reception too. We don't get together enough. At least we can keep up with every one through their blogs. I always feel I'm just talking to the Universe and am surprised when I find out someone is really reading my blog besides my children. My dad thinks my blog is boring so he hardly ever reads it.