My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Official, I'm Getting a Crown

The verdict is in: I'm getting a crown. As I reported earlier I went to see the dentist today about the tooth that I broke last night. There were two options. The first being that they could just try and use a filling to fix the broken tooth. The second option was to drill down the tooth and cap it with a crown. Since my broken tooth also had a large filling in it, the dentist was concerned that the filling might later break and cause worse damage. Therefore I opted for my first crown.

The experience wasn't as scary as I was expecting. I went in at 10:15 am and was out by 12:30pm. But thanks to the laughing gas it was actually pretty enjoyable. While under the effects of the nitrous oxide, the thing I was most preoccupied with was that I thought I needed to adjust my head on the headrest but was too lazy from the gas. I left the dentist's office sporting a new temporary crown and return in two weeks for the real thing.

I was pretty numb and still feeling a little light headed from the gas but I headed back to work picking up a sandwich to take to the office. It was tough to try and not bite my tongue while eating the sandwich. By about 4pm the numbness finally wore off and I am pleased to report that I am experiencing no pain.