My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chew On This

Last night after my trip to the gym and a stop at the grocery store, I got home and was starving. Since I have an abundance of tomatoes these days (Thanks, Mom!), I decided to make a sandwich using some whole grain bread, turkey, swiss cheese, etc. I sat down with my sandwich to watch a little Tivo TV and enjoy my evening. The sandwich was great and was washed down nicely with a Diet Dr. Pepper (caffeine-free since it was late.) But apparently I was a little more hungry than I realized and I ended up eating my tooth that broke off from the whole grain bread!
Actually the tooth had been giving me problems for a while. I had the dentist check it out 5 months ago but he could see nothing wrong with it. It has hurt off and on since then but mostly when I bite something that is a little more solid like seeds, etc. Next month, I'm scheduled for my 6 month dental checkup and I thought it could wait until then. I was wrong.
So I'm off to the dentist this morning to see what needs to happen. Wish me luck!


Lindsay said...

Good luck! There is nothing more hideous than sore teeth. Keep us posted :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that really bites!

Anonymous said...

i have nasty chillssss... ah, that'd kill me