My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chew On This

Last night after my trip to the gym and a stop at the grocery store, I got home and was starving. Since I have an abundance of tomatoes these days (Thanks, Mom!), I decided to make a sandwich using some whole grain bread, turkey, swiss cheese, etc. I sat down with my sandwich to watch a little Tivo TV and enjoy my evening. The sandwich was great and was washed down nicely with a Diet Dr. Pepper (caffeine-free since it was late.) But apparently I was a little more hungry than I realized and I ended up eating my tooth that broke off from the whole grain bread!
Actually the tooth had been giving me problems for a while. I had the dentist check it out 5 months ago but he could see nothing wrong with it. It has hurt off and on since then but mostly when I bite something that is a little more solid like seeds, etc. Next month, I'm scheduled for my 6 month dental checkup and I thought it could wait until then. I was wrong.
So I'm off to the dentist this morning to see what needs to happen. Wish me luck!