My Life as a Dog

Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Fresh Fig

I was over at my parent's house last night following our weekly family eating out dinner. My mom had just purchased a load of fruit from Costco and she had a large tray of figs that she wanted to share. First she tried to get my brother to take one but since he didn't know where figs rate on the carbohydrates scale, he said he'd pass. Next she asked if I wanted one. I kind of turned my nose up because I had never had a fresh fig and wasn't anxious to try it. (Of course, I've had and enjoyed many a fig newton.) My brother (who wouldn't try one) then urged me on to try it. I caved in and tried one. The peeling was a lot more tender then I expected. I bit into it and chewed a bit. It reminded me a little bit of a kiwi because it was a similar color and seemed to have a bunch of small seeds in it. It was alright. I wasn't loving it but it was okay. I examined the center the fruit a little closer and thought it looked like a bunch of bugs in the middle. My mom reassured me that it was just really ripe. But then I showed her closer view what I thought to be a bug. She agreed that it was a bug and told me to put in the garbage. But then wanted me to try a different one. Since I had already eaten a bug, I thought it couldn't get worse. But this time I sliced it open rather than just taking a big bite. No bugs this time! The funny thing is when it was all over I actually liked the taste the one with bugs more. Should I be concerned? :)