My Life as a Dog

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet the Mormons

Today I was reading my regular subscription to Lifehacker. They often have handy tips and other great information for day to day life. Today I was reading Get the Most Out of Your New Town. I thought it was pretty interesting. Here were their main suggestions:
  1. Get a local phone number.
  2. Subscribe to the local paper
  3. Get a map
  4. Check out the local restaurants
  5. Find the local activities

But here's where it really caught my attention. The section was entitled Jesus and Wine. The title alone was interesting but then it listed a website called where you can find connections with other people similar to you in the area. Here's my favorite quote from the article:

Be it beer or wine; darts, dirt or dreams; Mormons, Wiccans or atheists; or whether you're a Republican, Democrat, independent or Libertarian, there's little more than booze, religion and politics that can help you feel right at home again.

Really?! "Mormons, Wiccans or atheists"? It just makes me think that whoever was creating that list has no idea (or at least some preconceived idea as to) what a Mormon really is.
Plus really, have the Mormons ever been hard to find?! They're always knocking on your door. :)