My Life as a Dog

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fruit Salsa

Time to share another recipe. This is a great sweet fruit salsa that beautifully complements salty tortilla chips. I've made this several time for various get-togethers and there is rarely any left to take home.

2 Granny Smith Apples
2 Oranges
2 Kiwi
1 Box of Frozen Strawberries (I think they are 10 oz)
2 Tbsp Apple Jelly

Chop all the fruits up into small chunks. But make sure you don't blend it or chop it too small. You want to make sure that it's still chunky. Mix all the fruit together and add the apple jelly. The jelly helps to make it set up a little. Refrigerate before serving. I find the salsa is better when it has a little time for the flavors to mix together a bit. Serve with tortilla chips. The Tostito Scoops work great. Enjoy!