My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

San Francisco - Day 2: July 3, 2008

We started our day early with a bus tour out to Muir Woods just north and west of the bay. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to Muir Woods. As you can see the morning was really foggy. Above is what we saw as we crossed the bridge. The woods were nice and peaceful after being in the city. I was glad I have brought a jacket and long pants for the trip. Who knew it would be so cold?!
Big Trees! Brian, Nick, BriAnne, & Brooke in Muir WoodsBrian at Muir Woods
Following Muir Woods the van dropped us off north east of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito. Sausalito is a small artsy community. There was plenty of little shops, restaurants, and art galleries. While we were there I endulged in a little fish and chips. Tasty! We could have taken the van back to San Francisco but it was leaving too early for us. So we decided to ride the ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf. During the ferry ride we got a good view of Alcatraz Island.
Brooke on the dock in SausalitoBriAnne on the dock in SausalitoA Pretty Flowering TreeNick was ThirstyBrian & Ben on the Ferry
Once we made it back to the Wharf, we wandered around a bit with all the shops. We also decided to check out the Aquarium at the Bay. This is once of those places where you get to walk through the tanks filled with sea life. They also had some petting pools. The shark tank was the best.
Brian in the Aquarium with StarfishBrooke & a Huge Scary Looking Bass
We also stayed in a nice hotel, The Argonaut. It was right on Bay Street so we were in the middle of all the Wharf action. It used to be the Del Monte Cannery in a former life. The Cannery has since been converted to a hotel, restaurants, bars, etc... Everything in the hotel had a nautical theme going on so it was a little humorous when we opened the closests and found leopard print terry robes and pajamas! Someone didn't think that through.
BriAnne, Brooke, & Nick - Fancy!Brooke in the Hotel Lobby