My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

San Francisco - Day 1: July 2, 2008

After arriving at the airport in the early afternoon, we piled into a minivan and head north to Six Flags Discovery Park in Vallejo just north of Oakland. I was a little worried that we were not going to get our money's worth since we were entering the park mid-afternoon. But we hit all the major rides at least once and some twice. The photo above is from our second ride on Medusa. (If you click the Medusa link you can actually view a video of the ride.) We talked Beth, my sister-in-law, to go with us for the second ride. She doesn't look happy in the photo but she did survive and was a good sport. And in case you are wondering, Bri, is actually pulling faces for the camera. She was apparently the only one to see the camera coming up. Prior to this ride, we got her to go on to go on Tony Hawk's Big Spin, which had a little too much spinning going on for her likes. This Six Flags also has animal attractions. You can feed the dolphins and apparently they have some kind of killer whale / dolphin show, which was not running while we were there. But you could still see into the tank.
My cute nieces Bri & Brooke with the dolphin

V2: Vertical Velocity

Brian resting in Looney Tunes

Tony Hawk's Big Spin

Ben, Beth & the Girls

Medussa & Kong as we were leaving

Nick, Bri, Brooke, & Brian