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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lighting Project - Part 1

Last summer I replaced both of the lighting fixtures in my living room with two brushed nickel ceiling fans. After hanging the new lights, I realized that I didn't really care for the shiny brass fixtures that I had replaced and that I pretty much had through out the house. Since I had just taken two of them down, I thought I'd try painting them to see how they turned out. I didn't have a use for them anyway. So even if it was a failure I'd be fine. Below are the before and after shots. I was really pleased with the results. What do you think? Better before? Or after?
One of the reasons that I'm posting this, is to motivate me to finish painting my other (dining, hallway, and a bedroom) fixtures. The one that makes me nervous, the is the dining room fixture but I think it would make it look so much better. A cheap can of spray paint can go a long way to updating the look of your lights!
Dining Room Fixture
Hallway Sconce
Look for Lighting Project - Part 2 soon. :)


Anonymous said...

hmmm, I would have never thought of it. Looks pretty good.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I used a hammered nickel spray paint.

Lindsay said...

it looks fantastic and now I have a fun new tip to try at my own place. Can't wait for the update and to see how the dining room fixture turns out!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lindsay. I've done the sconces now. There is nothing like committing your self in a public forum.

Anonymous said...

I saw these myself and they look great! What a clever idea, too!