My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is That Bad?

Once upon a time I thought I was a pretty good tennis player. At least I really enjoyed playing. It's been several years now since I've even picked up my tennis racket other than to reach something on the shelf behind it. But now I have a Wii and my tennis skills are as tight as ever! I've been working almost every day to make "pro." Oh and let me tell you, I am really close. Less than 100 points to go! The problem is that playing this much Wii tennis makes me think that I can play the real thing again probably even better than before. My nephew (whose name shall remain anonymous) once told me that after playing Rock Band that he thought he could really play the drums or guitar for that matter. I now understand the phenomenon. They make video games so real any more that I can see how this happens. After all when I play Wii tennis like real tennis, I sweat! It's actually one of the reasons that I bought the system to begin with. But now I find that I justify it as "exercise." Is that bad?! I just know that I haven't been making it to the gym as often as I was in my pre-Wii days. Maybe I will feel better about it once I try wearing my heart rate monitor while playing. Or maybe I just need to buy the Wii Fit.


Anonymous said...

Why don't the gyms start make Wii systems available for workouts? I would make it to the gym a little more often. Can I come workout at your house?

Unknown said...

I think I spoke too soon. I've dropped back down into the 700s. So much for my pro tennis career. :(

Ben, come on over any time.

Lindsay said...

I'm sure you'll be right back on top in no time. I've seen your pro tennis graph so I'm a witness to your mad Wii tennis skills.

It's the Summer of '08 so I say the more tennis (outdoor or virtual) the better :)

Unknown said...

Was that an Olympic reference? Really I'm not that good. :)