My Life as a Dog

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Drink Diet?

Today at work I thought I was being helpful when I went to restock the fridge with Diet Dr Pepper. Normally the cases are left on the floor by the fridge but today the extras were stacked on top of it. I grabbed the ever popular case of diet DP only to find out that the handle was torn and quickly tearing even faster. I tried to help it slowly fall to the floor hoping that I could minimize the crash. As the case hit the floor one can popped open and began to spray all over, followed by another, and another, and another. Until all but three lonely cans had broken open and spewed forth. Needless to say I attracted a lot of attention in the office and fortunately some help in cleaning up. We found soda on the carpet, on the wall, the whiteboard, the cubicles, and even the ceiling. Good thing it was diet or we really would have had a big mess. But on the plus side everyone indulged in a little afternoon soda from the cans that didn't fully explode.


Anonymous said...

Why? Is there any other choice? I wish it came out the faucet. Then I could bath and brush my teeth with it.


Lindsay said...

You didn't mention whether your person was a bit coated in the Diet Doc. But I can only assume you had a little personal cleanup to do as well. Totally worth it if it's all in the name of delicious Diet Dr. Pepper.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure 9 out 10 dentists would recommend using it as tooth paste. But bathing in it would sure make "drinking your bath water" more enjoyable.

Unknown said...

As a matter of fact I was wearing a new (although cheap) pair of shoes for the first time. Now they will forever be imprinted with the memory of my mess.