My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marley's - Thumbs Up

Today all the guys from work went out to lunch to celebrate Rod getting another year older. He's really into motorcycles, so someone suggested that we take him to the new Harley Davidson shop in Lindon which also has a restaurant called, Marley's.

I gotta say that I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised. In case you don't already know, Timpanogos Harley-Davidson is owned my the same guy (Dave Tuomisto) that founded Bajio. So I should have known that the food would be tasty. Even though they have not had a grand opening the place was hopping. The menu largely offers sliders. Sliders are a smaller version of a burger. You can order 1, 2, or 3 in a combo with fries or a side salad and also a drink. (They even have Diet Dr. Pepper and you know how much I love that!) I ordered 2 Marley's (hamburger) sliders with lettuce, tomatoes, and grilled onions. Tasty! You should check it out. I understand that their grand opening isn't until the end of July, but don't wait.