My Life as a Dog

Monday, June 30, 2008

Jon McLaughlin - Beating My Heart

Just watched Jon McLaughlin's new video on I really love this guy's music. I could listen to him over and over. In fact, I often do. I believe he's toured in Utah but I wasn't smart enough to go. I'm hoping he comes back soon.

If you are not familar with him, you really should check him out. You might have listened to him without even knowing it. He sings the So Close song at the end of Walt Disney's Enchanted.

His new CD is not out until Oct but You can check out his "old stuff," Indiana.


Lindsay said...

Will you think less of me when I admit that I have no idea who Jon Mclaughlin is. I'll be checking this out immediately so as to have my finger back on the pulse immediately.

Unknown said...

Just a little bit. But I'm sure you will love him soon.